Anna Hazare’s Fast AGAINST Corruption

Posted: August 17, 2011 in Uncategorized
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We continue to witness people’s uprise against tyrannies and autocrats all over the world. India is a ‘blessed’ nation deep entrenched in corruption and nepotism. If not for Anna Hazare, thousand prophets will arise to speak and act against atrocities done to human beings. If not joining the movement, at least support it morally for the betterment of our nation. History has revealed the fact that no ruler could suppress people’s aspirations for ever.

  1. Acha I dont think this strike is somthing worth..!!Hes just threatning the democartic sytm of our nation,He acts like super powr than the judicary and our sacrd parlmnt.There are lot of drwbak in janlokpal.My humblr sugg is hve to discuss ths in our parlmnt
    Belve in our nation.

    • Achen,
      You may have a different opinion; but consider these facts:
      1) India is on top of the most corrupt countries in the world. If India dreams about ‘growth’, then corruption is one of the major hindrances towards it. Many in the central cabinet are tainted ministers. Anna is drawing support from all walks of life. This is the right time to support such a crusade against corruption. Hope you are not pro-corruption. .
      2) As you said if India is a democratic nation; why there is strong opposition to bring PM under the purview of Lokpal? Is PM outside/above the democractic set-up? Is PM a super-power?
      3) Even when judiciary is corrupt, do you think parliament discussions will make a credible difference? What is happening to Women’s bill?
      4) Let people’s power take its course as a corrective to decayed institutions. This will strengthen democracy.

  2. Acha wat does that mean this peoples power?still its there acha
    me strongly blive that it not a fight against corruption..something else is there..dd u c who else r supporting this bill?Abvp and RSS is behind the play..there are some hidden agenda also…and I dont think hes a Gandhian..!!his way of strike never
    and one more
    plz read this opinion

  3. Joby achen,
    I understand your reservations in supporting the present agitation led by Anna Hazare. But I don’t think you will oppose the Lokpal Bill!!!I have mentioned peoples’ power in relation to what you have commented earlier….(that Anna may turn out to be a Gaddaffi); if so and if the Lokpal set-up itself becomes authoritarian, then people will overthrow it. Be also reminded that the Election Commission led by TN Sheshan, has offered many correctives within a short period of time. That doesnt mean that everything is okay with EC. However that was a bold initiative by an individual to correct an institution that was long neglected. I consider this agitation as a bold and initial step to curb corruption in India. If you suspect the ‘forces’ behind; it can be a ‘tag’attached to any movement of this sort; despite its political commitments.

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